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Training & Accessibility

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products

Features: - 2 layer, lawn and tray - Tray has a urine drawer, well drained - Detachable and washable, weather proof - Accord with European American export standard - A safe training tool, anti-bacterial, safe - Lightweight, portable - Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Pet ramp: If your pet is elderly or has mobility issues, this dog ramp will help them get in and out of the car with ease, so they can still enjoy drives and adventures.Foldable: When not in use, fold the dog car ramp to save space. There's a handle on the top for easy carrying.Sturdy structure: Made from MDF and an aluminium frame, it's strong and sturdy, supporting up to extra large dogs less than 70 cm in length and less than 40 kg in weight.Non-slip surface: Pets won't fall off when walking up and down, keeping them safe.Dimensions: 2.5H x 158L x 43.5Wcm. Folded: 13H x 45L x 43.5Wcm. Applicable maximum height: 80cm (angle is approximately 30 e). No assembly required.

Ideal For Less Abled Pets: If your dog is older or struggles with mobility, they'll use this pet ramp to get in and out of the car, so they can still enjoy rides.Non-Slip Cover: Makes it much easier for pets to walk on this dog ramp - it stops them from sliding or falling. Removable if needed.Secure: Made from solid plastic, it keeps its shape when in use �C pets will have a stable surface to walk on. Rubber pad at the bottom, providing extra balance.Foldable: Easy to store in your vehicle, so it can be taken anywhere.Dimensions: 14H x 155L x 39Wcm. Foldable: 20H x 79L x 39Wcm. MAXIMUM LOAD 75KG. Suitable for cars with boot height below 75 cm from the ground.

Ideal for Elderly Pets: This ramp helps them reach the sofa and other areas without help �C the right accessory for animals with mobility issues.Safe and Secure: Anti-slip surface prevents pets from having accidents. The platform at the top provides balance - they can also use it to rest.Solid Material: Made of pine wood, it's a sturdy structure that can be used daily.Dimensions: 63.5H x 188L x 40.5Wcm. Ramp: 185.5L x 40Wcm. Platform: 40L x 30Wcm.MAXIMUM LOAD 35KG. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

PROTECTIVE CUSHION: Each step is covered in soft cushions, tightly secured with Velcro �C it's comfortable for pets to use and stops them from slipping.EASY TO CLEAN: Cushions on the steps are removable and washable �C simple to maintain good hygiene.SOLID MATERIAL: Made from MDF, it's durable and stable �C suitable for daily use.DIMENSIONS: 54.2H x 40L x 59Wcm. Each step: 40L x 17Wcm.MAXIMUM LOAD 30KG. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

- Ideal elderly pets or if they have mobility issues - E1 MDF is durable and stable - Colours will fit perfectly with your home decor - Short plush cushion for extra comfort when using - Cushion is secured with velcro - Maximum load 30kg, assembly required

Storage space: With removable tops on each step, there's space inside to store pet toys, treats, blankets, leashes and other bits, keeping your room tidy and clutter free.Three wide steps: Perfect for older pets and ones with mobility issues, they'll use these pet steps to access higher spots, such as beds, sofas and windowsills.Solid material: Made from strong MDF, these dog steps for bed keep pets supported when walking up and down. The faux linen fabric is durable it doesn't wrinkle or deform.Dimensions: 40.5H x 63.5L x 42.5Wcm. Suitable for cats up to 5kg.Easy assembly required.

- Colour: Light grey - Material: Particle board and polyester - Dimensions: 44H x 60L x 35Wcm. Each step: 10H x 34L x 15Wcm. Base: 60L x 34Wcm - Item label: D06-091

We're all guilty of watching funny pet videos on YouTube while we're at work or sending relatable pet memes to our friends. We spend endless hours watching puppies try to jump on to the sofa and end up landing on their furry behinds. Or cats trying to cli

2-in-1: Perfect for older pets or if they have mobility issues. They'll access high spots without struggling. Can also be used as an ottoman, where there's lots of storage space perfect for keeping toys, snacks and leashes.Comfortable features: Top platform includes a washable cushion, creating a cosy spot to relax. Pet steps for cats are covered in non-slip carpets, which are soft and gentle on paws.Solid material: Featuring four wide steps, these pet stairs are made with a durable particle board frame, ensuring pets are properly supported when using.Storage basket: It can be taken out and used separately. Perfect for keeping lose items hidden, so your space stays tidy and clutter free.Dimensions: 49H x 84L x 45Wcm. Suitable for cats up to 7kg. Suitable for medium dogs up to 20kg and 25-50cm in shoulder height.

- Suitable for pets who struggle getting to certain spots, such as beds and sofas - Lightweight and stable, making it easy to carry and move - Can easily be folded for storage, saving space Non-slip feet for stability. Carpeted steps for extra protection and comfort - Suitable for small dogs and cats - Maximum load 15kg, no assembly required