Working Dog Food Co. Green Lipped Mussels Extract Mussel 500mg 90 Capsules is a high quality joint support supplement using Green Lipped Mussel farmed direct from New Zealand. Working Dog Food Co. Green Mussels are processed immediately after harvesting from sustainable colonies to guarantee freshness and maximum nutrition retention.

Working Dog Food Co. Green Lipped Mussel for dogs recommended by vets for joint structure & mobility. For young, old, large and small pets.

Simply Sprinkle On Food..

For Your Dog:

Small.......... 1-15kg        1 Capsule daily with food

Medium......  16 -30kg    2 Capsules daily with food

Large........... 31-45kg    3 Capsules daily with food

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel contain high levels of glycoproteins that damp down inflammation in arthritic joints and is sourced from some of the worlds cleanest and purest zealand green lipped mussel
  • Helps to maintain healthy joints.
  • Contains Omega 3 fatty acids which may help to support a healthy immune system.
  • An excellent source of selenium and vitamin B12, as well as a good source of zinc and folic acid.
Green Lipped Mussel became of first interest when it was noticed that Maori living in coastal regions who regularly consumed these mussels suffered fewer joint problems than those living inland. It contains a series of omega-3 fatty acids with known anti-inflammatory activity, including some recently identified unique variants of ODA.

This shellfish is economically important to New Zealand. It differs from other mussel species in that it has a dark brown/green shell, a green lip around the edge of the shells and only has one abductor muscle. It is also one of the largest mussel species growing up to 240mm in length.

Working Dog Food Co. Green Lipped Mussel Capsules are manufactured in the UK to GMP code of practice and ISO 9001 quality assurance certification. Only the finest quality raw materials in their highest and purest form are used.

These manufacturing procedures ensure that the basic manufacturing practices and prerequisites necessary for product quality and safety are being followed. This goes above and beyond what is required so that  we can guarantee you receive consistently high quality products.

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Working Dog Food Co. Green Lipped Mussels For Dogs 500mg 90 Capsules

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