Grain Free Working Dog Foods

We offer a fresh meat, natural, Grain Free food choice for your dog. The range of adult, senior and puppy foods are great for working dogs but popular among many non workers due to the high quality, Single protein source mixture which is great for even sensitive tummies. Rated high by our reviewers that can be seen across our social media , these are affordable premium diets that will lead to wagging tails and empty bowls.
Total 50% Human Grade Meat        Minimum 26% Sweet potato        Minimum 26% Protein
Just Fresh Meat!            Made in Great Britain 🇬🇧

All of these 15kg products are VAT free, because they are formulated specifically for the needs of Active, Sporting & Working dogs.

Why not compliment your dogs new and improved feeding regime with high quality natural treats?  Check out the 80% meat and fish treats available in large extra value bulk bags. 

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