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Grain Free Dog Foods

Discover our Grain Free Dog Food options designed specifically for your Working Dog. Our range includes Adult, Senior, and Puppy Foods, all featuring a high-quality Single protein source mixture that is gentle on even the most sensitive tummies. With rave reviews from our satisfied customers on social media, these affordable premium diets will keep your dog's tail wagging and their bowl empty, ensuring they receive the nutrition they deserve.
Total 50% Freshly Prepared Meat        Minimum 26% Sweet potato        Minimum 26% Protein
🇬🇧 Made in Great Britain: We take pride in our British heritage. Our Grain-Free Dog Food is made with care and expertise right here in Great Britain, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

💰 VAT-Free for Active, Sporting & Working Dogs: We understand the unique needs of active, sporting, and working dogs. That's why all our 15kg and 13.5kg products are VAT-free, as they are formulated specifically to meet the requirements of these special dogs.

📦 Vatable Pet Food Range: Our 6kg and 4x2 kg pet food range are VAT-eligible products. Rest assured, we offer transparency and flexibility to suit your preferences.

Working Dog Food Co.: Our trademark brand represents our commitment to providing exceptional nutrition for working dogs. Trust the brand that cares for your dog's well-being.

🍖 Treats for Extra Delight: Why not enhance your dog's feeding regime with our high-quality natural treats? We offer 80% meat and fish treats available in large extra value bulk bags, ensuring your working dog enjoys delicious rewards.

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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products

NEW Stock Available Limited Recipes Exclusive To Working Dog Food Co.

NEW Stock Available Limited Recipes Exclusive To Working Dog Food Co.

ANY 4 X 6kg Grain Free Dog Food Range Bags

We're currently experiencing a temporary shortage of Blue Whiting in our Working Dog Food Co. Grain Free PUPPY Salmon With Haddock & Blue Whiting formula. Our 15kg bags are out of stock, but we do have a limited supply of 12kg bags available until early May.

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New Size 2kg Grain Free Pet Food

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