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Enzymatic toothpaste for cats and dogs that uses naturally occurring enzymes, an abrasive silicon system and zinc ions. DentalCare has a dual mechanism of action via a bio-adhesive delivery system and a natural
peroxidase system (enzyme system).

• Post dental treatment
• To manage build-up of plaque and tartar

Directions for Use-
Age - from 6 months
If necessary the teeth should first be
professionally scaled and polished.

Cats and Small Dogs <10kg - Approx 1cm paste between gum and cheek on each side of the mouth.
Dogs < 20kg - Approx. 2cm paste
Dogs > 20kg - Approx. 5cm paste

Enzyme Complex (Lactoferrin,
Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme, Isothiocynate
Salt, Glucose Oxidase), Silicon Mild Abrasive
Bead, Zinc Chelate, Poultry Flavour.

Advice: This product contains Xylitol, which
is approved for use in cat’s and dog’s under
current EU legislation. The amount of Xylitol
supplied is significantly lower that which
would cause toxicity.

Mechanism of Action-
Bio-adhesive delivery system: Consists of a polymer, carbomer, a gel thickener, sorbitol and an active
ingredient of water. The polymer adheres to epithelial surfaces and mucin. It remains attached until discharged via
normal cell turnover. While attached it releases purified water to hydrate the underlying cells.

Peroxidase system: Supplements the salivas natural protective mechanisms. It consists of 5 enzymes -
lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, isothiocynate salt and glucose oxidase.
The lactoperoxidase system works via the production of an antibacterial compound from the thiocyanate ion catalysed by lactoperoxidase in the presence of hydrogen peroxide.


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Dental Care Paste Enzymatic Toothpaste Dogs & Cats

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