Working Dog Food Co.

Founded in March 2015, Working Dog Food Co. is gearing up to be one of the UK's most prominent online pet shops for inexpensive well made pet products.

Our aim and sole focus is on customer satisfaction - the one quality we all yearn for when buying goods, but all too often it's the one quality that the majority of today's companies’ neglect over many other factors to increase their profits - Working Dog Food Co. is not one of them!

Our online pet store offers a simple shopping experience to ensure our customers find what they're looking for with ease, and since we are an on-line retailer, we are able to ensure our overheads are kept extremely low giving us the leverage over other local retailers to offer you the very lowest prices without compromising the superior quality our customers expect.  

Our attention to detail and passion to ensure our customer's satisfaction is what will ultimately allow us to rise above other pet stores and keeps our customers coming back time and time again.

What Makes Working Dog Food Company Different?

We are a small family owned and professionally run business that always puts our customer first.

We select our suppliers carefully to ensure that the quality of our product is not compromised, yet maximising the savings our customers receive.

Fast Delivery within England and Wales - order online and get your product(s) delivered direct to your door.

Our Working Dog Food Co. Dog Food Range…

At Working Dog Food Co. we have the most rigorous Quality Management and Food Safety Systems ensuring complete tractability from raw materials to delivery of packaged Dog food.

Working Dog Food Co. Manufactures have an enviable track record of retaining its ‘Grade A’ BRC (British Retail Consortium) Quality and Food Safety status over many years.

It is this Total Quality Management which runs through the entire business, ensuring that every incoming raw material and every out-going pet food meets the highest quality standards that have made Working Dog Foods Co. Manufactures Europe’s largest super premium pet food manufacturer.

The investment and construction has been on a truly massive scale, with water treatment works and 3 bio-filters (each the size of an Olympic swimming pool) being at the heart of the facility.

All air and water is cleaned and recycled on site, reducing the factory's environmental impact on its neighbours and the local rural surroundings. The factory site comprises 27 hectares of land bordering the designated Biological Heritage Site of the River Douglas in West Lancashire.

The manufacturer has entered into a Habitat Creation & Management Plan that provides major benefits in terms of additional planting, the creation of wetland areas and species rich grasslands to encourage nesting and foraging bird species.

Detailed management plans will continue to maintain biodiversity for many years to come through extensive planting of 10,000 native trees and shrubs. There is also an award-winning on-site packaging recycling plant which separates paper, cardboard and plastics so dramatically reducing landfill waste.

Food is delivered direct from the factory to you wrapped safely in a strong PP (polypropylene) outer bag which can be re-used as a garden waste bag and is also biodegradable.

We are able to manufacture very high levels of fresh meat into premium dried pet food without the use of dry meat meals. This new facility has opened up a new chapter in the Company’s development, and it is hoped will be the future of dry pet food manufacturing, due to the superior quality and highly palatable food that can be achieved.

Working Dog Food Company is always available to discuss your needs and offer advice to help you choose the very best product for your pet. You, the customer, are the most important part of our business...