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🌟 A to Z of Our Ingredients at Working Dog Food Co. 🌟

🐶 Here at Working Dog Food Co., we're frequently asked by our customers about the benefits of our ingredients. So, we've put together an exciting A-Z list showcasing the wonders of our ingredients. Though our list isn't extensive, each element serves a specific purpose and brings unique benefits. And guess what? Our pet food is free from any hidden nasties! 🚫🙌

Ash – Ash is no ordinary ingredient; it's a mineral content indicator that must legally appear on pet food packaging. It's measured by superheating the food to leave only inorganic residue. A well-crafted pet food boasts a balanced ash level, reflecting mineral richness. ⚖️

Allergy X – Meet Allergy X, your ally against common skin complaints! 🐾

Barley – Part of the grain family, barley is a complex carbohydrate that provides steady energy release. Our 100% British barley, combined with other carbs, ensures sustained energy levels. 🌾

Beet Pulp – A sprinkle of beet pulp adds both soluble and insoluble fiber, promoting gut health. 🍀

Brewers Yeast – This dried marvel is a B-complex vitamin and amino acid powerhouse, even doubling as a natural flea repellent! 🐜🍞

Carrots – These colorful veggies pack beta-carotene, B vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. A bundle of goodness! 🥕🌈

Chicken (Fresh) – Fresh, palatable, and highly digestible chicken brings top-notch protein, a biological treasure trove. Our UK-reared free-range chickens are fit for both pups and humans! 🍗🐔

Chicken (Meal) – Chicken meal, equally protein-packed, contains clean carcass parts ground into calcium-rich flour. No feathers or feet included! 🍗🐣

Chicken Fat / Oil – The crème de la crème of oils, chicken fat/oil's digestibility reigns supreme. It's a supreme energy source and offers vital fatty acids for skin and coat health. 🐓🛢️

Chondroitin Sulphate – Derived from shark cartilage, this superhero fortifies puppies' and seniors' skeletal systems. It's a joint protector against destructive enzymes. 🦈💪

Corn – Often overlooked, corn provides steady energy and stable blood sugar levels when properly cooked. An underestimated gem! 🌽

Egg – Dried egg powder is a versatile ingredient rich in fats and pure protein. Eggs are also packed with vitamins and minerals. 🥚🥇

Fish Meal – Our blend of mackerel and herring makes fish meal a protein, vitamin, and mineral bonanza. Omega-3 fatty acids are the cherry on top! 🐟🍽️

Garlic – A superfood, garlic aids digestion, acts as an antioxidant, fights diseases, repels fleas, and adds delightful flavor. 🧄🌟

Glucosamine Sulphate – From crustacean shells, glucosamine's in our puppy and senior foods for the skeletal system. It aids joint health and mobility. 🦀🦴

Lamb Meal – Imported New Zealand lamb meal is calcium-rich and perfect for sensitive dogs. It's a tasty alternative protein source. 🐑🍖

Linseed – Also called flax, linseed boasts Omega-3s, fiber, and antioxidant lignans. A versatile treasure! 🌱🌟

Lucerne (or Alfalfa) – Lucerne's high protein, antioxidants, and fiber from the alfalfa plant are a powerful combo. 🌿💪

Maize – Also known as corn, maize's energy and digestibility shine when properly prepared. 🌽

MSM – The natural MSM in our foods is sourced from pine bark and provides relief from pain and inflammation. An all-natural boon! 🌲🌞

Oats – Oats offer fiber, energy, digestibility, and hypoallergenic properties, supporting healthy body weight. 🌾🐎

Peas – Peas deliver vitamins, folic acid, and vitamin B6. A little green powerhouse! 🌱🌽

Potato – A highly digestible carb source rich in vitamins, especially C & B6, for immunity and energy. 🥔🍀

Prebiotic FOS – Derived from chicory, this prebiotic champions intestinal flora, limits bad bacteria, and boosts nutrient absorption. 🌼🍀

Rice – Digestible energy powerhouse, rice teams up with corn for energy release and blood sugar stability. 🍚🏃

Salmon (Fresh) – From the Scottish Highlands, fresh salmon provides omega-3s, protein, and digestibility galore. 🐟🏞️

Salmon Oil – Omega-3 rich salmon oil supports energy, fat-soluble vitamin transport, and fights inflammation. A true hero for health! 🐟🛢️

Seaweed Extract – Bursting with vitamins and minerals, seaweed's iodine promotes cell health, growth, and repairs. A true oceanic treasure! 🌊🌱

Tocopherols – Our foods stay fresh with mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E), no artificial additives. We keep it natural! 🌿🌈

Turkey – Like chicken, turkey is a protein and essential oil haven. A great alternative protein source for sensitive pups! 🦃🍖

Verm-X – A natural internal parasite control that keeps your furry friend healthy from the inside out! 🐛🌱

Yucca Extract – Extracted from the yucca cactus, it reduces odors and might even save your lawn from urine stains! 🌵🍀

There you have it, the vibrant and informative A to Z of our ingredients at Working Dog Food Co.. Each element plays a vital role in crafting the best nutrition for your four-legged companions! 🐾🌟